Since the advent of the internet, the on-line shopping revolution has become a worldwide phenomenon generating billions of dollars in sales. Customers have benefited from cheaper products as the so called “bricks and mortar” shops cannot compete with the online shops which have minimal staff and much lower overheads. However, a late comer to the on-line shopping arena is the construction and mining industry. Generally known for its old-school style of management, the construction industry has just begun to explore the world of internet shopping. One of the best examples of this is the website This catchy name is derived from the world’s most successful online shop Buildazon offer 3 main categories for online shopping being structural steel, metalwork and precast. The drawback with the buildazon website is that it is more suited for construction professionals such as Civil Engineers or Project Managers. Buildazon fabricate and deliver your structural products as per you drawing, much like ordering a tailor made suit on-line. For instance, your ordered suit is manufactured and delivered to you as per your selected fabric, style and measurements. See For buildazon to provide you with a price, you will be asked to upload your structural drawings. I have already used buildazon for a simple 12 tonne steel framed structure and I have found them to be very efficient. However, I am yet to fully try buildazon for a larger order, say 100 tonne of fabricated structural steel. It is refreshing to see that entrepreneurs are thinking of new ways to provide services via the internet. In my situation, I didn’t have the time and resources to co-ordinate my structural steel frame. If I did, I may have opted for the conventional method of getting three quotes and then vetting these suppliers as I have done many times in the past. Maybe someone can start a new website which specifically caters for “made to order” fabricated timber frames and trusses? I believe that online shopping is the way of the future and that all products no matter how large can one day be purchased on-line. If there is an easier way to do business, then entrepreneurs will think of a way to achieve this for their customers.