What We Do

The name Buildazon was inspired by the world’s most popular online shopping website Amazon.com. The founders of Buildazon realised that there was a need for an online shop which would allow construction professionals to order pre-fabricated structural steel and precast to suit their particular project.

The Buildazon website has been designed to take the headache out of chasing quotes from fabricators, co-ordinating shop drawings and managing site delivery. Here at Buildazon, we operate from an office which consists of a team of Civil Engineers and Draftsman. We do not own or operate any factories which fabricate the structural products.

As each custom made product is different, we engage the most cost effective fabricators throughout Australia and Indonesia. Our aim at Buildazon is to develop a fast and convenient online ordering system for pre-fabricated structural products that provide you with the best value for money.

In summary, Buildazon provides the customer with an on-line ordering system for custom made structural products such as structural steel or precast concrete. We appreciate tight construction programs and achieving project deadlines. Utilise your lead time and let Buildazon complete your structural products in advance.

How We Do It

Quoting Process:

This website allows you to upload your project drawings and specifications. Our team of Civil/Structural Engineers will assess your requirements and provide you with a lump sum quote to create shop drawings, fabricate, project manage and deliver your product to site. Generally, quotes are free, however, some larger projects may incur a quoting fee which covers our Engineer’s time in preparing your quote. We will advise you if a quoting fee is required. All quotes are prepared by our Engineers /Estimating Department, quotes are not computer generated.

Acceptance of our quote:

After you have reviewed our quoted price and agreed to go ahead with fabrication, a part payment is made so we can begin to organise the fabrication of your structural products.

Shop Drawings for fabrication:

In all cases, shop drawings are required to fabricate your structural product. For quoting purposes, we can use your project drawings or hand sketches. The cost to create shop drawings will be clearly itemised in your quote.

Shop Drawing Approval Process:

Prior to fabrication, we will submit the shop drawings to you for checking. They will be marked “Issued for Approval”. We will then revise the shop drawings as per your comments and re-issue them back to you as “Issued for Fabrication”, and at the same time, begin fabrication of your structural products.

Delivery of your structural products:

Delivery will be co-ordinated with our engineer and your site management team. Clear instructions must be given at this stage. Your products will be delivered to you as per the agreement. Upon receiving your product, the final payment is to be made. Unloading of the product is done on site by cranes/plant supplied by you or others. Generally, we do not erect, assemble or install your structural products.